My Original Dream

My Original Dream

Hello, my name's Mia and I am big lover of drama movies Jie Hao is one of the most iconic directors of this century has shocked me once again! I respect such a great energy this movie bring with it. My Original Dream can be rejected by religious folks without a thought. No movie ever filled me with such a strange energy. I've seen lots of disappointing comments about this movie, but I honestly think they're just paid haters. What makes this movie interesting? Conversations, music, characters, just everything. I think this movie is very underrated compared with other crap out there. This movie is good in any language, I know because I know 3 languages and always it was as cool as in original. Now if you got some free time, don't wait and watch My Original Dream for free online.

Genre: Drama

Actors: Bei-Er Bao, Yi Sun, Peng Wang

Directors: Jie Hao

Country: China

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7,0

Views: 140